Sipadan Island – An Ultimate Destination to Enjoy Serenity

sipadan island

Pulau Sipadan or Sipadan Island is located on the island of Borneo, in the state of Sabah. It is an island depicting exquisiteness and serenity in its truest sense, with its beauty exemplified by the rich diversity of coral reefs and underwater life. It can justifiably be called one of its kind, as there is none which can match its fascination and splendor. Scuba divers express great interest in coming to this island because of its exemplary beauty and because it is ideal for this activity. It is also regarded as best 10 diving destinations in the world.

Explore Sipadan Island in Detail

Take your hands on to the below details of Sipadan Island. You shall love the place once you step in, but there are many things that you need to know for sure:

What to Expect

Ranging from ascending Mount Kinabalu, the most climber friendly peak in the region, to paying a visit to the largest orangutan sanctuary, till the depths of the ocean that are sure to leave you mesmerized at every discovery, is what you can expect from Sipadan Island.

Scuba divers from around the world gather at Pulau Sipadan to explore the colorful life and activities of turtles, various fishes like barracuda and jacks, sharks. The most exciting thing to see here are the hammerheads and thresher sharks. This island is renowned for its broad range of marine creatures, found within a small space.

Eco-tourist activities, is what thrives best here. Many resorts have capitalized on this natural advantage and flooded the banks of the Sipadan Island with resorts that offer unlimited house reef dives, along with non-diving activities as well. Hence, it is not a cumbersome task for these resorts to attract both adults and youngsters alike. Being strategically located at one of the most bio-diverse locations on earth, these resorts offer good-value for money.

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Useful Tips

Investing in travel insurance would be a good idea as it covers the costs of all possible risks and accidents that could take place while snorkeling, scuba diving or surfing. Taking precautions for unexpected occurrences might give you some relief.

Furthermore, the Sipadan Island only permits 120 visitors a day in order to ensure that the underwater life is not unduly harmed or over used.  One needs a permit to dive in the Sipadan waters, which needs to be booked beforehand, your resort can also do this for you.

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Opportune Time & Climate to Visit

April to December is that time of the year when it is most advisable to visit the island to fulfill your diving objectives and have a memorable experience. During these times the sea is calm and composed. Although there is no hard and fast, as throughout the year the diving season persists.

The recommended length of stay is around 5-14 days, inclusive of visiting the neighboring islands. Read more about the best time to visit Sipadan Island to make most of your trip.

How to Reach Sipadan Island

Kota Kinabalu or Tawau is the jump-off point to Sipadan Island.  This is followed by a drive to Semporna town, which will approximately take an hour or so. Upon reaching Mabul Island, through a 30-minute speedboat ride, you are at the precise location to start exploring the Sipadan Island.

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This island of Sabah state is the place to be. Whether you are a scuba diver of not, you will definitely enjoy here and might learn scuba diver basics. Take your time out for an adventurous vacation in this beautiful place.

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