Gayana Eco Resort – Luxury Stay in Kota Kinabalu Sabah

gayana eco resort

The Gayana Eco Resort is strategically located on the border of a lush green forest on a coral reef island off the coast of Borneo. The tropical villas are designed skillfully to encompass the comforting and calming sounds of the lashing waves and the picturesque sights of the towering Mount Kinabalu against the crimson skies. Balancing the right amount of corporate social responsibility and luxury, this resort is an ideal place for the mind and soul.

Overview of Gayana Eco Resort

The Gayana Eco Resort is considered the best luxury resorts in Kota Kinabalu to chill out with friends and family on vacation. In order to give you a virtual tour of the resort, we have discussed about its features below:


The Villas at the Gayana Eco Resort speaks volumes about the grandeur and splendor at the resort. These include the Lagoon, mangrove, rainforest, ocean and the palm villas. As the name suggests, all of them are located in their own vicinity and the guests can choose from, whichever location appeals to them and suits them the most. It is furnished and equipped with exemplary amenities and facilities, like a private balcony, minibar, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and the list goes on and on.

Marine Ecology

The resort is proud to be affiliated with the environment friendly and philanthropic project of safeguarding our Marine Ecology, by initiating a campaign and taking concerted efforts towards doing the needful.  The on-site Marine Ecology Research Center fervently promulgates endangered class of giant size clams and reclaiming ocean floors and coral reefs that seem to have deteriorated over time.

This project has both an artistic and educational perspective as our realistic and beautiful habitats add to the beauty of our resort. It also takes a conscious effort to educate and train the society to divert their attention towards the marine life and the coral reef sustenance.

PADI Dive Centre

Specially designed to explore and capitalize on one of the epic centers of vibrant and flamboyant species of underwater plants and animals, the Padi Dive Centre offers you the best diving service and experience in Kota Kinabalu. The rich aquatic underwater life is sure to leave you mesmerized, as the variety is inclusive of coral fish, whale sharks, sea turtles, clown fish and the beauty know no bounds.

The instructors at PADI are certified professionals that ensure that whether the divers are beginners or experts, they are sure to enjoy. Training sessions equip the novice divers with the necessary knowledge to steer their way through. Exclusively for the resort’s guests, they are sure to explore the underwater riches in privacy, without much clutter.


The management of the Gayana Eco Resort makes it a purpose to keep their guests entertained by capitalizing on the natural habitat around them. Kayaking through the serene bright green waters, the mangroves are surely one sight to see. Century old trees line the waters, with a flock of hornbills perched on them. Travel and explore the riches underwater, encountering gay sea horses and humongous clams.

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Dining Facilities

Dine in at our restaurants to entice your taste buds and enjoy the wholesome food that we provide. Whether you like it by the seaside or in the comforts of your abode, our service extends till your last wish.

Eco-tourism is what describes it best and promises indulging and fun-filled activities for all age groups. To make your stay a truly memorable one, opt for Gayana Eco Resort as you can relax in the comfortable interior of the resort after exploring the natural beauty of the place ranging from rainforests to beaches.

The Gayana Eco Resort is located in Gaya Island Kota Kinabalu, one of the beautiful island located 10 to 15 mins ferry ride from the the main city of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. The resort is highly recommended for honeymoon and couple retreat. If you hae stayed in this luxury resort and would like to share your insights, please do so by adding comments below.

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